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Sculpting Sound into the Strange and Beautiful

Product Image Gabbarein Double-Vinyl LP (Pre-Order)

Gabbarein Double-Vinyl LP (Pre-Order)

$ 29.99

Dive into the sonic depths of "Gabbarein," a mesmerizing double vinyl LP born from the unique collaboration of Cecilie Hafstad and Christopher Bono. This album is not just a collection of songs but a narrative woven from the fabric of deep human connection, spiritual exploration, and the raw power of nature. Recorded in the serene Arctic Circle, "Gabbarein" transcends musical norms, offering an auditory journey that resonates with the soul.

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  • Double Vinyl Edition: Two records offering a rich, immersive listening experience.
  • Unique Etching: The back of disc 2 features a stunning etching of a reindeer, paying homage to a pivotal moment during the recording sessions.
  • Inner Sleeves with Exclusive Content: Each sleeve is adorned with behind-the-scenes photos capturing the essence of the recording process and the breathtaking Norwegian landscape.
  • Languages and Instruments: The album features Hafstad's ethereal vocals in Norwegian, blending seamlessly with Bono's eclectic instrumentation.
  • Music and Emotion: A mix of calm, transcendent tracks and intense, emotionally charged compositions reflecting personal stories and connections with nature.
  • Limited Edition: A must-have for collectors and audiophiles, offering a tangible piece of a groundbreaking artistic journey.

The Story Behind Gabbarein: Gabbarein's inception traces back to Hafstad and Bono's meeting at a Shamanic sound-healing retreat in Vermont. Their shared passion for sound healing and exploration of esoteric practices laid the foundation for this extraordinary project. The album is an outcome of their journey through various musical and personal landscapes, from the intense NOUS sessions to the transformative still love project. It's a testament to their enduring friendship, trust, and creative synergy.

The recording took place in a small cottage overlooking a Norwegian fjord, where the artists were inspired by the majestic surroundings and the mysterious presence of a white reindeer. Hafstad's improvisational singing in her native language and Bono's sensitive musical accompaniment capture the essence of their experiences, making "Gabbarein" a deeply personal and spiritually resonant work.

"Gabbarein" is more than an album; it's a portal to an experience. It's a reflection of the artists' innermost emotions, a blend of ancient Scandinavian musical traditions, and a tribute to the transformative power of friendship and art. The album's organic and improvised nature, combined with the stunning Arctic backdrop, makes it a unique and captivating listening experience.


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