The Spectacle is The Theatre of The Sublime by Tsyphur Zalan

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Tsyphur Zalan the experimental/electronic side project of Ghost Against Ghost frontman and composer Christopher Bono, premieres a hypnotizing new single entitled "The Spectacle is the Theater of the Sublime” via Echoes and Dust. It’s hard to pinpoint where Bono gets his influences from. One can definitely hear moments of various genres including Trap (electronic), Industrial, and Black Metal in "The Spectacle is the Theater of the Sublime”.  However, for a prolific composer who is known for his orchestral music, choral music, and arty-progressive post rock, it’s no surprise to hear him experimenting with new, fringe genres and writing. For anyone interested in hearing a young composer using new production techniques and exploring new sound worlds, both light and dark, “Spectacle” does not disappoint.