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Product Image still love LP by Ghost Against Ghost

still love LP by Ghost Against Ghost

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1. Son of Cessiphus
2. still love
3. A Relapse of Remembrance
4. The River of the Intimate (pt. 1)
5. The River of the Intimate (pt. 2)
6. Resume
7. Your Secret Ocean
8. Unarm
9. Guersion
While in the midst of completing the upcoming Ghost Against Ghost concept album, Oia, Ghost Against Ghost front man Christopher Bono was unexpectedly struck by a close, personal tragedy in the spring of 2014 forcing him back into the writing studio to process this new trauma through music.

Over the following months, Christopher reflected on the confusion and internal conflict that results when the life we knew and accepted as true and stable is ripped apart by disturbing revelations of a shocking betrayal and a pandora’s box of dark, misaligned secrets.

How is it that we manage meaning, purpose and sanity when we’re blown back and forth between polarized but mutual, co-existent emotional states such as love and hate, right and wrong, innocence and guilt?

How is it that simultaneously, unconditional love could be met by ultimate and unspeakable betrayal, and undeterred selflessness by blatant selfishness?

Is there a space of resolution where our primal-animal instincts find peace with our ancient desire for moral resolution?

At what point does a broken psyche move beyond the threshold of possible reconciliation? Is it possible, or worthwhile, to transcend this point and forgive beyond all limits?

How does “love” meet betrayal, at what point does the clinging to the concept of “love’” constitute self-abuse?

Where does one turn when you realize the majority of your life’s story and memories were built upon layers upon layers of falsehoods, that the ones you trusted most turned against you long ago?

It was in this nightmarish, paradoxical web of unanswerable questions that the roots of the Still Love album drew life. To dig further into the heart of the experience, Christopher based the lyrical point of view from that of the female victim.
releases April 14, 2017 

All tracks written, arranged and produced by Christopher Bono
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound
©2016 Our Silent Canvas