Oceanic Day by Tsyphur Zalan

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Second Album in Tsyphur Zalan's tryptich ambient epic "Oceanic".

The new album from composer Christopher Bono’s Tsyphur Zalan project, Oceanic Day, is the second in a three part series of contemplative, drone ambient albums described to friends as “music composed for airplane announcements”.  The material was originally recorded as studies for two live immersive and audience interactive sound bath performances performed in 2018. However, at the urging of friends, Bono realized there was enough material for a series of ambient albums. The music was all performed and mixed live in the studio, no overdubs no computers, all in one take.  All synthesizers and sounds were either analog or organic, which gives the album a classic character. 

The album’s concept and intention are informed and influenced by Bono's 15 years of meditation practice, in particular a series of three 10-day silent meditation retreats attended in 2018. Bono also built the idea upon his personal practice of sound therapy and healing, a subject he spent two years intimately studying during the composition and first performance of his epic Orchestral Requiem BARDO.