Todeserfahrung by Ghost Against Ghost

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Coming from the same series of compositions as Checkpoint Charlie, Todeserfahrung was written in a state of heartbreak in Berlin. Todeserfahrung, is the title of a Rainer Maria Rilke poem, and translates as “Death Experience”. It was a poem I found comfort in at the time. For most of us that have lost someone either physically or psychologically within a relationship, the oscillating struggles we encounter can make it profoundly difficult to come back to center, but when we do, I believe the vision of hindsight brings insight and meaning to our lives.

marks a sound I was striving for, pre-still love album, that weaved electronic influences with my classic interests. With Ghost Against Ghost I’ve always been interested in pushing the boundaries of genre and style to forge new soundworlds, at least as I hear them. At the time I was very much interested in Tchaikovsky, late Romanticism, and pre 1970’s orchestral jazz and pop. Simultaneously, I love the possibilities of interesting electronic music. So I did what I enjoy most, experimented