Gabbarein Double Vinyl LP

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a sonic and visual ode to the complexities of human emotion

- Idioteq

If Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance), Karin Dreijer (Fever Ray) and Aurora had teamed up, you wouldn't have come close to the depth and breadth of this…intimate and fascinatingly captivating… there is little else like this.

- VG

Dive into the sonic depths of "Gabbarein," a mesmerizing double vinyl LP born from the unique collaboration of Cecilie Hafstad and Christopher Bono. This album is not just a collection of songs but a narrative woven from the fabric of deep human connection, spiritual exploration, and the raw power of nature. Recorded in the serene Arctic Circle, "Gabbarein" transcends musical norms, offering an auditory journey that resonates with the soul.